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Welcome to our Fox TaeKwondo web page.

Welcome to the Fox TaeKwonDo Club Part of The British TaeKwonDo Association 

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Fox TaeKwonDo  has provided Taekwondo instruction in Barnsley & Rotherham for well over a decade. We offer a positive yet challenging martial arts and fitness environment. Supplying a traditional Taekwondo based education for adults, families, teens, and children, our classes are motivational and goal oriented. We offer convenient class times.

Here at the Fox TaeKwonDo we offer the World TaeKwonDo Federation style (WTF) of TaeKwonDo & take great pride in the standard taught at the Fox TaeKwonDo 

We offer good old hard style training with some fun added in and train at a very high level  in all of our classes which are kept fun, friendly, educational and exciting.

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Fox TaeKwonDo will get you super fit with our super charged workouts and with plenty of pad work and sparring, if you want to take part in competitions 
Fox TaeKwonDo Training consists  of weapon defence,patterns/Kata, Street defence, sparring, kicking, punching, striking and blocking and take-downs. The style is very self defence based with no thrills, that is, it is a workable style of TaeKwonDo for the modern age but still respects the old ways and values of training and discipline. 
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TaeKwonDo is a very fast paced and exciting Martial Art that utilises your hands, feet, knees and elbows. Plenty of pad work, conditioning and sparring in each class will leave you feeling strong, confident and powerful.

(Fox TaeKwonDo is fully recognised by the British Tae Kwon Do Association, the Founder of the B.T.A. and Father of Tae Kwon Do in Great Britain Grandmaster Tony Quigley fully recognises the style ).

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The The Fox TaeKwonDo Club holds three coloured belt exams each year as well as Blackbelt exams as and when students are ready to attempt the "big one" (British Tae-Kwon-Do Association) and is honoured to be a student under Grand Master Roy Kilner and Great Grand Master Tony Quigley. All Fox TaeKwonDo grades are fully recognised under the Grand Masters and therefore command much respect.  

(The cost of all TaeKwonDo exams are kept very fair with no hidden charges, staggered increases or rip off fees) 

 Blackbelts/Instructors/Coaches are of the highest standard possible. All junior students have to earn their invites to attend the exams.

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Please do come along to our classes as you will be made most welcome and you will be well looked after. Looking forward to meeting you


TaeKwonDo Seminar

Grand Master W.Darlington & Master L. Anglesea attended a British TaeKwonDo Association seminar with Sarah Stevenson a World Champion & Olympic Taekwondo, bronze medallist & aworded  MBE in 2012

TaeKwonDo Training Sessison

Fox TaeKwonDo attended a training course with Grand Master Mark Trent

 founder of The Scorpion Martial Arts Academy

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